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Precision | Performance | Innovation - Delivered on time

“It is not how many customers we serve that is important...It is how we serve each one that counts!”
-Paul Clark, President, PPI Aerospace

In today’s fast paced Aerospace and Defense supplier world time is a precious commodity. While our customers clearly value our relentless attention to quality, they come back because we deliver. PPI Aerospace has built its reputation on delivering complex Aerospace and Defense plating and coating jobs that meet the spec...on time...day in and day out.

PPI Aerospace is a large Nadcap accredited chemical process and surface engineering facility focused on serving the specific needs of suppliers to the Aerospace and Defense industries. Our customer-centered operating philosophy and strict adherence to quality standards have earned us the trust and process specific approvals of aerospace primes such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, General Electric, Sikorsky, Bell, Lockheed Martin, Curtis Wright, General Dynamics and others.


Precision - Performance - Innovation - Delivered on time

Our name is derived from the three principles on which our company was founded...Precision...Performance and Innovation. Function critical components leave little or no margin for error. At PPI Aerospace, we have the ability to process complex geometries, difficult alloys and selective depositions that other companies simply cannot handle and we deliver it on time!

Aerospace Plating, Conversion Coating and Painting Services

Since its founding, PPI Aerospace has provided the aerospace industry with custom coating, plating and painting services designed to impart specific physical properties to various aircraft components that must endure severe operating conditions. PPI Aerospace helps aerospace primes such as Boeing, Rolls-Royce, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and others combat metal fatigue, wear, oxidation, and corrosion with custom surface engineering solutions. Our technical staff works closely with our customers, and their customers, to develop and apply coatings with the necessary qualities for severe service environments.

PPI Aerospace is Nadcap accredited for specialty chemical processing in accordance with AC7108 Rev C and AC7108/1 Rev A. We hold numerous prime specific approvals.

As our customers specialty coating and painting needs change, they rely on PPI Aerospace to develop innovative responses to ever more stringent and complex requirements. With a keen understanding of copper, silver, nickel and cadmium plating as well as high performance paint and conversion coatings, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with your engineering and production team to find the right solution for your coating and painting need. Call or email us today!

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Aerospace Quality Systems

Chemical Processing


Defense Industry Conversion Coatings, Painting for Vehicles and Specialty Systems

Our armed forces must be able to operate in any environment which places extraordinary demands on their equipment, vehicles and systems. PPI applies a wide range of surface treatment technologies for both military and homeland security applications. The defense industry’s increasing dependence on lightweight metals such as aluminum, titanium and magnesium, has dictated the development of a wide variety of surface treatments that provide such characteristics as corrosion and abrasion resistance, lubricity and film adhesion. PPI Aerospace offers a full range of treatment and pre-treatment options for everything from small parts to very large complex system components.

PPI Provides it customers with the convenience and efficiency of a single source for virtually all their plating, conversion coating and painting needs. From pretreatment to striping we are equipped to handle anything from small parts to large complex geometries, even large military vehicle components. Our AlodineTM conversion coating tanks measure 132” x 72” x 96”.