PPI Aerospace

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Precision, Performance and Innovation: A leader in custom coating applications

PPI Aerospace is a Nadcap™ accredited chemical process and surface engineering company serving the aerospace, defense, medical, power generation and other industries. Our customer-centered operating philosophy and strict adherence to quality standards has earned the trust of such aerospace primes as Boeing, Curtiss Wright, General Electric, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Rolls Royce, Sikorsky and others.

Conversion coatings, plating and CARC painting from a single source

PPI Aerospace provides its customers with the convenience and efficiency of a single source for virtually all their conversion coating, plating and painting needs. We’re equipped to handle anything from small parts with complex geometries up to very large vehicle components. Our Alodine® conversion coating tanks measure 132” x 72” x 96” deep and our CARC paint booth is 46’ x 16’ with a 12’ ceiling.

Quality coating and plating solutions

As our customers’ specialty coatings and painting needs change, they rely on PPI Aerospace to develop innovative responses to ever more stringent requirements. With a keen understanding of painting, conversion coatings and copper, nickel, silver and cadmium plating, we welcome the opportunity to work closely with your engineering and production team to find the right solution for your coating or painting problem.

Complete pre-treatment capabilities

Our customers’ critical components routinely require some form of pre-treatment prior to plating or painting. PPI Aerospace offers in-house pre-treatment capabilities including chemical and mechanical stripping, ultrasonic cleaning, vapor degreasing and passivation.