Defense Industry Conversion Coatings, CARC Painting & Vehicle Surface Treatments

Our armed forces must be able to operate in any environment, which places extraordinary demands on their equipment, vehicles and systems. PPI Aerospace applies a wide range of surface treatment technologies, including conversion coatings, copper, nickel and silver plating and CARC painting for both military and homeland security applications.

The defense industry's increasing dependence on lightweight metals such as aluminum, titanium and magnesium, has dictated the development of a wide variety of surface treatments that provide such characteristics as corrosion and abrasion resistance, lubricity and film adhesion.

In addition to conversion coatings, plating and painting, PPI Aerospace offers a number of pre-treatment options such as chemical cleaning, mechanical finishing, stripping and passivation. PPI Aerospace can treat anything from small parts with complex geometries on up to large vehicle components with high ordinance. providing everything from conversion coating to finished paint.

Our chemical conversion tanks range up to 11’ x 6’ x 8’ deep and our CARC paint booth measures 48 ft. by 16 ft. by 12 ft. high.